P.I. Joy - Philanthropy

As one of the most successful and influential entrepreneurs, P.I. Joy has not just made great contributions in the business sector but also set a great example of philanthropy. Unlike many other counterparts, he believes in giving back to society. He does not believe in hoarding wealth but using it for the betterment of underprivileged sectors of the community who are deprived of the necessities of food, shelter, and education.

He regularly donates large sums of money to different organizations working for poverty alleviation in India, America, and many other parts of the world. The ultimate aim of these philanthropic efforts is to empower people and future generations to face the challenges of this world.

Over time, P.I. Joy's primary priority is to give back to the community and pursue charity work on a steady basis. He wants to focus on providing shelter to the homeless and underprivileged parents and children

Educational Facility For the Underprivileged Young Generation

P.I. Joy considers technology education a cornerstone of success for the next generations. Through his Think Development Systems Inc., he has initiated a STEM education program for the teachers, educators, and students in the U.S., which he plans to expand to other countries. This program aims to give technology education to the underprivileged sections of the community, especially school dropouts.

He also wants to fulfill the rising demand for STEM teachers and educators in the country through this initiative. This program provides the schools with the trained STEM teachers and educators along with updated STEM curriculum to teach the students in-line with the modern STEM teaching methodologies. Thus, preparing the young generation to confidently deal with the challenges of the modern technology-driven world and become successful as well as productive members of the society.

Supporting the Asian-American Business Community

As a part of his philanthropic efforts, P.I. Joy also became a part of the non-profit organization, US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce (USPAACC) South East Chapter. It serves the Asian-American business owners working in Southeast USA. It schedules regular programs that help the members to develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills, access various business opportunities, and expand their businesses.

Uplifting the Underprivileged HIV Aids Inflicted and Orphan Children

P.I. Joy developed a Human Uplift Team America (HUT America Inc.) which is committed to providing protection to the HIV infected and orphan children in underdeveloped countries. It also provides shelter homes, schools and hospital facilities to these children in India and Africa. The children get compassionate and robust support to help them reach their full potential. It is working hard and with passion to help these ignored children of the communities